The one-acre garden of our school is an ideal environment where children can express themselves in the best way possible, to explore, study, be active and move freely.

In our kindergarten, there are 4 classes in total, where children are educated according to their age groups. The total quota of our school determined by the Ministry of National Education is 110 students.

art studio
“The child has 100 languages.” Loris Malaguzzi Children are encouraged to use all forms of art to express themselves, not just words. Our school has a workshop filled with natural materials and art materials, where you can work with the workshop teacher. In our art workshop, free painting and painting works are carried out as well as clay, glass and ceramic works, paper works, collage works, works with kneading materials. In the workshop, we prepare an environment and provoke children to create new productions that will arise from the combination of different waste materials.

Sleeping Room
Early childhood groups have a sleeping room arranged to meet the rest and sleep needs of students after lunch.

Light Workshop
“Three Things Born Together: Man, Freedom and Light” Anatole France Light Workshop is a place of experimentation and research. Different forms of light can be observed in the environment created by transforming the light into various shapes and colors with the help of devices such as an illuminated table, mirrors, overhead projector and projection.

With our 150 m2 indoor sports hall, we aim to enable children to have much more movement space, to love sports and to make it an indispensable part of their daily lives.

Dining hall
Our students have their breakfast, lunch and afternoon breakfast in this hall with garden view. The meal menu is prepared monthly, taking into account the balanced nutrition rules and food groups required for preschool children.

The security of our school is ensured by the security personnel cabin located at the entrance of our school, as well as the security cameras located inside and outside the building.

Infection Prevention and Control at School

Within the scope of Covid-19 measures, all parts of our school are regularly disinfected in order to eliminate infectious particles in the air and on surfaces. In order for our students in our school to provide their own sterilization during the day, hand disinfectants are available in many parts of the school where they can easily reach.

Standard standards such as preventing direct contact with the disease by preventing sick children from coming to school, ensuring that everyone uses personal protective equipment (masks) at school constantly, maintaining social distance, teaching children the rules of correct hand hygiene, avoiding frequent touching of the eyes, mouth or nose, and using appropriate forms of coughing and sneezing. We aim to provide a safe environment by always adhering to school hygiene rules.