Children’s “second home”, school, where they spend a significant part of their lives, should be a safe and valued environment where children’s rights and needs are respected, validated and protected.

For this reason, at ForestKid’s International Kindergarten,

Every child’s path is different; Each child’s learning pace and method is respected.

At school, children are encouraged to do all their own work, to experience life, and to solve every problem by themselves. Children can be trusted to their potential.

Not every child can draw the same picture or produce the same product. Every child’s development is unique. For this reason, standard assessment scales are not used in our school.

Children are always important in our school. A strong child image, multi-role teacher, rich and educational environment, strong relationships, project-based learning are the prominent principles of our school. In our educational approach, the important thing is the subject of the lesson or
It’s not just any skill. Teachers, in cooperation with the school psychologist, prepare study topics suitable for the age and developmental levels of children, their curiosity, needs and interests.

The school has a full-time psychologist who facilitates children’s developmental homework. Self-control, emotion regulation, peer communication, empathy, social skills, etc. in children. It guides teachers and families to carry out the acquisition of learning in scientific ways.

Garden time is held every day, in any weather, with the appropriate attire. Forest school and outdoor education are the most indispensable elements of our school.